Reasons why Prim Asiimwe left Galaxy FM revealed

Beautiful radio presenter Prim Asiimwe has made up her mind to leave one of the biggest radio station Galaxy FM. She announced her departure from the station through her social media platforms. She said she will be doing her last shoe this Thursday and waving good bye to her fans.

This came after working for a full decade at the radio station. And she has seen it evolve to the extent of adding on a television that is now airing. However Prim Asiimwe’s dreams looks to have expanded and now she looks to be beyond just a radio presenter and looking at bigger opportunities in her life.

When Prim Asiimwe announced that she is leaving the radio station, so many people wondered why she is making such a decision. At her young age, someone would think she is joining the television that they recently put at Galaxy Television and her career would even be more better.

Other ladies like her are looking for the opportunities but they are not getting them yet for her she is leaving everything. According to Prim Asiimwe, there isn’t a big reason to why she has left the station. She just wants to see what the future is having for her besides being a radio presenter.

A mother of one said she has been even a PR of Galaxy FM showing how much love she has for the station and the love is not going away at any time. She promised to keep supporting Galaxy FM and helping them where she can despite the other paths of life she will take as a person.

I am leaving this radio station but I am not happy with it. I just have nothing to do but to move on and see what life has for me. There isn’t a big reason for me to leave but 10 years I feel had been enough for me to experience everything that I wanted,” Prim Asiimwe said.

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