How Canary Mugume Predicted Nobert Mao’s Appointment a Year ago

NBS TV reporter Canary Mugume stunned everyone after his predication from a year ago came true following Nobert Mao’s most recent appointment. Yesterday, President Museveni appointed Nobert Mao to the position of the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

One year ago, NBS Tv’s Canary Mugume had predicted this through a tweet in which he said; “The President left the post of Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs empty with no name. We are about to get the shock of our live” he said in a tweet.

In the comment section, one Pays jokingly responded to Canary Mugume’s tweet as he said, “whether it is Nobert Mao, Amama Mbabazi, or Ken Lukyamuzi, we shall not be shocked” However, this did not happen as not only were we shocked but we were left speechless when the President in a document dates 21st July 2022 revealed that Nobert Mao was in deed the newly appointed Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

To counter his earlier prediction, NBS Tv’s Canary Mugume once again took to his Twitter handle to reveal more shocking details after Nobert Mao’s appointment had been approved and stamped upon by President Museveni.

As I had predicted, a year ago. It has come to pass M7-Mao negotiations have been ongoing for a year now. It has taken Mao 1 year to decide. This is after very long and constant talks with Museveni’s brother (rtd) Gen. Salim Saleh in Gulu” Canary spilled through his Twitter handle.

Previously, Nobert Mao has always antagonized the government and he was quick to castigate whoever crossed over from any opposition party to join the ruling NRM government. However, he stunned everyone when he on the 20th of July signed a Memorandum of Understanding with President Museveni on behalf of the Democratic Party which he chairs.

Shortly after he had signed the Memorandum of Understanding, Nobert Mao was appointed to the position of Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs by President Museveni which Canary Mugume had foreseen one year ago.


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