Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke and husband celebrate 20th marriage anniversary with love

Mukono municipality Member of Parliament, political activist and National Unity Platform member Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke with her husband Mukasa Henry Bakireke are celebrating their 20th marriage anniversary with love.

Hon Betty Nambooze is known for being an outspoken and strong opposition political member who never ceases to say anything bad about government. She first went to Democratic party (DP) where she was known most and in the concluded 2021 general elections she joined Bobi Wine’s NUP which is also another strong opposition political party.

Despite her political life style, Hon Betty Nambooze is a mother to her children and a loving wife to her husband. Nambooze once made a statement saying she is different in the public but when she is at home, she is disrespectful to her husband and she kneels for him like a Muganda woman.

Today as they celebrate their 20th anniversary, Hon Betty Nambooze went on Twitter and showered her husband with lots of love saying she enjoys his company and romance. She revealed that this anniversary is dedicated to their children both those married, unmarried and also the young people of Mukono municipality in the sane age group like their children.

“Today we are so proud to announce that today we have made Twenty Years of Marriage in Love, Peace, Patience and un-imaginable fascination and romance as we enjoy each other’s company and comradeship!,
With his permission, ngaamba omulungi wange omu bwati; Mukasa Henry Bakireke Bazitwale- Bazikube, I share his words with you the married and unmarried with a request that you join us as we glorify the Lord who made us custodians of the great Sacramento of holy matrimony.
We have dedicated this year’s anniversary to our children some of whom are now married and the young ones who are on their way. Equally we dedicate this day to the young people in Mukono Municipality in the same age group like our children,” Hon Betty Nambooze tweeted

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