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Full List of Government Sponsored Students (Merit) Admissions at Kyambogo University and Courses

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Full list of government sponsored students admissions on Merit at Kyambogo university year 2020/2021 is out. Once news broke about release of government merit lists, there was a scramble and partition to know who had been fortunate enough to land the government sponsorship and who missed
out. Here are the courses that took the most students on government sponsorship 2021.

Well from the look of things, most of the admitted students are to join the science faculty while
a few others were admitted to do courses belonging to the arts faculty and among these, here
are there courses that earned the highest number of students.

1. Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Amongst all courses, this hand the most number of students qualifying with a total of 13
students at Kyambogo university national merit admissions academic year 2020/2021. However, the gender imbalance here was evident as only one female student qualified while the other entrants were male students.

2. Bachelor of Science with Education (Physical)

At position two comes Bachelor of Science with Education (Physical). With a total of twelve
students qualifying to take on the course, there was relatively better gender balance here
although less male students will be joining the course once the academic year kicks off.

On the other hand, there are courses which hand a minimum number of students being
admitted to do as they were less than the average 8-10 which nearly every course had been
granted. Here are the two courses with the least student intake.

1. Bachelor of Mechatronics & Bio-Medical Engineering

Aside from having a very low intake, the course also had a very low number of students being
admitted to it. In a situation where seven students luckily scooped the government merit, 6 of
these were males while only one girl in a heroic act was in position to qualify for the course. That got to Kyambogo university national merit admissions academic year 2020/202

2. Bachelor of Art and Industrial Design

Aside from the latter, here is another course with a minimal number of students qualifying to
offer it. Therefore, it only had a total of seven students evenly distributed between the two
genders to offer the course.

Conclusively, this marks the two highly admitted and also the two least admitted courses to be
offered at That got to Kyambogo university national merit admissions academic year 2020/202 once the next academic year officially kicks off. Congratulations to all students that excelled and success in your journey at the university.



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