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We all can reminisce on the duet that gave Freeboy aka Mandela Mubarak a free pass to the Ugandan musical industry, Kwatta Essimu received a tremendous welcome by Ugandans. Freeboy’s voice wowed everyone in the industry and since then he has never looked back. Times Uganda caught up with him and he shared his rather epic journey.

Freeboy Biography

Born Mandela Mubarak Adam in 1996 to Hajj Adam Angua of Yumbe Town Council, Yumbe district in 1988, Freeboy, the last born of 4, grew up with his mother in Kampala.


Freeboy aka Mandela Mubarak Adam attended Tauhid Primary School for P.1 and P.2 he went to Jinja Army school for his P.2 because of lack of school fees. He went to
Nnabagereka Primary School for his P.3, he joined Kyaggwe road primary school in Kisenyi for his p.4 and P.5.

Freeboy then boarded and went to Arua due to the tough living conditions in the city in 2002. Back in Arua he attended Arua hill Primary School for his p.6 and p.7. He joined secondary school and completed it but never got to join the University.

Music Journey

He joined the music industry in 2010 officially though he started off in a musical group called
the mistaken identities in Arua and it was one of the first music groups in Arua. He later joined
Music and Instrumental Training group which was also in Arua.

He affirms that one of his colleague and friend Okuyo Atiku Joel Prince, who was also in the same group later featured in movies like Queen of Katwe and his also engaged currently to the king herself, Cindy Sanyu.

Apart from his collabo with singing sensation Winnie Nwagi, he has another with Nigerian Singer Great Adams called Corona. Freeboy looks up to each and every talented and successful artiste in Uganda because they all have something unique about them.

Freeboy is signed to Viva Entertainment Record label that is currently located in Arua. We well know that most of these artistes claim that they are being cheated by recording labels but Freeboy’s opinion is far different from the majority.

‘By the time someone invests their time and money in you that means that they want you to succeed and prosper. The biggest mistake that artists make is thinking about the money and being cheated before even the success comes.’ Well there you have it.

The trends of music consuming are slowly changing to online and live streaming since the
pandemic happened, It’s a great experience now that Ugandan artistes me inclusive are getting
to know the importance of online streaming and marketing, am currently growing my YouTube
channel and yes its really growing so fast, I believe if I put in a lot of work in all my media platforms then I will be good to go.

Net Worth

Away from Music, Freeboy invested in poultry his challenge is the time and monitoring but he
insists he has bigger and better plans for his project. He is also an activist who is to work for
Defyhatenow, a German-based organization which used to work in the settlement camps for
refugees in South Sudan and West Nile but his contract expired last year.

He however have not yet shared his net worth to us, and we shall avail it when he gives it out.


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Freeboy Uganda is still single and he says that he doe not need a woman that is an artiste like him. “I would need my woman to always be home and around, I cannot be away in the night and my wife is also away.”

Five things you didn’t know about Freeboy

He loves listening to other people’s music,

He loves eating,

He loves watching movies,

He loves singing and hanging out with friends.

His advice to all upcoming artistes is,

“never back down, never forget to pray and always respect everybody no matter where they come from or how they look like” Free Boy


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