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Frank Gashumba asks Samson Kasumba to parade his bank statements

Political, social and economic analyst Frank Gashumba has gone bare knuckles on Samson Kasumba for attacking his daughter Sheilah Gashumba and questioning her academic documents. This came after Sheila Gashumba looked down on Ugandan local content saying she grew up watching the American people and she knows nothing about the local content.

Samson Kasumba wasn’t happy with Sheila Gashumba’s statement. He went ahead and told Sheilah Gashumba to stop putting down the local content because she works for a local television and she should respect that. Samson Kasumba went ahead and questioned Sheilah Gashumba’s academic documents because the educated people don’t usually behave the way she does.

On hearing that, Frank Gashumba couldn’t keep his temper down. He went for a radio show and poured his heart out on Kasumba. Frank Gashumba questioned Samson Kasumba why he fakes a British accent if he appreciates local content and is more educated. He said Sheilah at her age is even more successful than him and if he doubts that he should bring his documents on table and start comparing with Sheebah.

“Samson Kasumba your very old to be attacking a young girl like Sheila Gashumba who is even more successful than you. You have no authority to question her in any way about her academic documents. If you love local content you wouldn’t be faking your British accent. Speak like President Museveni we will hear and understand you,” Frank Gashumba said.

At the moment Samson Kasumba is enjoying the attack as he tweeted today morning saying he gets excited when someone attacks him.

“There was excitement among my colleagues when I showed up with this bag. These people @nbstv @nextmediaug work with me and they know me enough to know how I love lemons thrown at me. They also know what I do to such lemons. This is how to live and enjoy life if you ask me,” Samson Kasumba said.

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