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Sheila Gashumba faces more hatred from the entertainment industry

Media personality Sheila Gashumba has faced more hatred from the entertainment industry after her recent comments on twitter. Sheila Gashumba few days ago went to her twitter and lashed out to fellow television presenter Kayz because of the statements he had made about her outfit at the end of year party.

However through that process of responding to Kayz, she crossed the line and attacked the local entertainment industry at large. Most of the people actresses inclusive were not happy with her. They told her to stop dragging their content into her drama because they work hard for it.

“So watching Ugandan #content is being #local 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻🤦🏻 ahhahaha wabula ugandan media personalities mujoooga singa wemuba mulwana entalo zamwe #productions za banamwe muzijamu ba dear👌 As a #film maker it takes a lot of efforts to produce those #productions👌 what is funny as we try to penetrate through ate nga mutusiga ebisoto Kiki enyo👌 Bambi fight your bi wars without involving peoples #content Anna Talia Oze ntusiza obubaka obwo mukwano,” Anna Talia Oze chanted

Singer Khalifa Aganaga jumped on attacking Sheila Gashumba telling her how ugly she is. Aganaga said Sheila Gashumba’s father has been fearing to talk about her but for him he can’t fail. Aganaga told Sheila Gashumba to start respecting all local content and content creators because they are better than her who is living a fake life.

“Dear Sheilah C Gashumba , wepankanyo, ate nga oli kakazi kabi nyo Fe aba bad character katugambe ko kitaawo alabika akutya, every thing on is fake. Check the buttocks ha ha bulinga obugaati bwebitaano ,Olinga akasumuluzo ka toy. You can’t disrespect Uganda content creators,” Khalifa Aganaga posted.

It should be noted that Sheila Gashumba has not responded to Khalifa Aganaga and she might not respond to her at anytime soon.

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