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Fik Fameica is My Darling He Can Even Eat My Sumbie – Lydia Jazmine Opens Up

"He Supports Me in Everything"

Story Highlights
  • Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica have been rumored to be chewing each other with a pregnancy now
  • Jazmine opens up and assures 'haters' that she can supply him with sumbie if he needs it

A few weeks ago rumor circulated alleging how Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica are in a relationship. This is because the two are always together they both enjoy each other’s company. During an interview with local television, Lydia Jazmine cleared the air saying that there is nothing
going on between her and Fik Fameika.

She says yes, Fik is her Darling but the two are just friends who are in the same industry and whatever is going on is for their professional benefit. She also said that the two support each other so as to succeed.

“There is nothing going on between me and Fik Fameika. He is a Darling but we are not in a
romantic relationship. We are friends, he supports me and I also support him where I can” She chirped. When asked whether she is pregnant with Fik Fameika’s child, Lydia Jazmine said that that’s what rumor says but she is not expecting a child.

Lydia Jazmine on Fik Fameica
Juicy Lydia Jazmine

She is just gaining weight in the right parts because she has a peaceful mind. She has not gotten any stress in the lockdown.

By gaining weight in the right places we did not clearly ascertain what places she actually meant, but what we know is that her tummy is bulging each day that passes and Fik Fameica is always at her house this whole lockdown.

Fik Fameica

I am not pregnant with Fik Fameika’s child. Also, I am just gaining weight in the right places. I have not gotten anything to stress me in the lockdown. In addition, I have peace of mind” She cheerfully added. Anyways, what do we know about a hungry bull visiting a wanting single cow in this lockdown and spending a night together? Let us just watch.


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