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Faridah Nakazibwe says cyberbullying almost killed Jackie Chandiru

NTV presenter Faridah Nakazibwe has revealed that cyberbullying almost killed former Blu 3 singer Jackie Chandiru. According to Faridah, Jackie faced a lot of problems which included financial ones.

She got to a point of even eating one boiled egg. Meanwhile she has suffered domestic violence a thing that forced her into using deadly drugs to fight her pain. As all that was happening, she faced cyberbullying and also lost her marriage.

Her music career got off track and she vanished off the scene. She disappeared from family and friends leading her into depression. For 6 years she battled depression alone and whenever she tried to get up and walk, she relapsed because of being cyberbullied.

It was then that she went to Kenya where she started recovering from this severe depression. She then returned to Uganda but things have never been the same again for her. Faridah Nakazibwe wondered why social media users like bullying and actually take it as a hobby.

She further said that of this habit is not stopped, some people who aren’t mentally strong will actually succumb to it.

Jackie came down from flying private to eating one boiled egg a day, out of scarcity. Before that, she had silently suffered domestic violence, which prompted her to abuse pethidine to brush off the pain. All this while, we were cyberbullying her.” Faridah Nakazibwe started her say.

She lost her marriage, vanished from the music scene, withdrew from family and friends, and slid into depression. She was lost for 6 good years. She tried to stand up and walk again, but we bashed her back into depression. She ran to Kenya, from where she got the courage to move again and returned home, but things have never been the same again. She is trying to overcome and guess what? Some people will still bully her. Guys, why are we like this? I see people on here deliberately tormenting others.” She added.

They have a cyberbullying ‘association’, always looking for their next victim, minding less about the dangers of depression. Not everyone is strong enough to survive bullying. They will not come out to speak becoz that calls for more bullying but slowly, we shall register deaths” Faridah Nakazibwe ended her ordeal.

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