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Jackie Chandiru to start fighting for women and girls rights

Former “Blue-3” artist, and self proclaimed Queen of the Nile, has come out to deliberate on fighting for the rights of women and girls, with the intention of ending violence against them, including sexual gender-based violence. Jackie Chandiru joined the music industry at a young age and being a young girl in the industry, there is always a lot they go through to make it in the industry.

One of the problems faced by young women and ladies in the art industry is sexual harassments from men promising to support them until they reach the top which doesn’t happen most of the times. Different girls have come out to complain about artistes and producers like Daddy Andre and Eddy Yawe who asked for sex in order to work with these young upcoming female musicians although the cases were not taken to courts of law.

Like a lady who grew up in this industry, Jackie Chandiru has revealed that she is willing to come out help and fight for women’s rights because they suffer a lot. According to Chandiru there is a lot of violence that goes on and do many women fear to take these men to police because they are threatened and some even get permanent damage physically and mentally from such violence.

“I am here to fight for women and girls rights at the moment especially by ending violence and sexual harrasment. As a lady who grew up in the music industry, I have seen a lot and I have been through hell with men. I understand everything and that’s why I am holding my head up to make sure everything that happened to me doesn’t happen to any other person,” Jackie Chandiru said.

It should be noted that Chandiru also struggled with drug addiction for so many years despite her being sober for a year now.

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