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Emmanuel Lwasa ghosted again after proposing

It has again ended in tears for Masaka city tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel after new girlfriend dumps him few days of proposing asking her hand in marriage. Lwasa has been one of the most unfortunate people in Uganda when it comes to relationships despite him having so much money.

His last longest relationship was with television presenter and actress Diana Nabatanzi who they dates for more than five years. It lasted longer because it was private but ever since then he hasn’t had any long marriage.

After separating with Diana Nabatanzi, Lwasa married another lady known as Angel but it was so dramatic from the start up to the end. Angel revealed that she was committed to the marriage but Lwasa was busy sleeping around with other ladies. They also had an issue when Lwasa accused Angel of stealing his money and they ended marriage that way.

Emmanuel Lwasa tried dating again different women but he came to an agreement with a lady known as Vanessa singer Ziza Bafana’s baby mama to marry her. After giving her money for the introduction ceremony, Lwasa was ghosted on the day of the introduction ceremony and he was left in shame with his family.

He said he will not give up on marriage any soon. Lwasa said he looking for another woman to marry because he needs someone at his home to look after him. Last week, he proposed to a Kenyan lady who is said to be 28 years but the lady has dumped him. According to the lady, Lwasa was playing his games but they have nothing in between them.

It was a stunt and the lady is married with children and she has nothing about Lwasa because she respects her Marriage and her family.

I am not Lwasa’s girlfriend or wife I have never slept with him all you saw was a stunt. I am a married woman u have been with my husband for six years now. Me and Lwasa we have nothing between us so I ask the media to leave me and my family alone,”

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