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Sumbie war- Lwasa launches war against singer Baza Baza

Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa is not someone who you clearly wouldn’t want to have a beef with because the tycoon is always willing to go all the way to hit at you and prove himself relevant. It now seems singer Baza Baza is his target and all this stems from slay queen, Vanessa Vanny.

Vanessa Vanny was dating the tycoon a while ago for a short stint before bitterly falling out. She fleeced a lot of money from the attention seeking tycoon even deceiving him of a wedding. Vanessa dumped Lwasa at the last minute when everything was ripe for the party. And recently, she was seen having out with singer Baza Baza and the two seemed so into each other.

Baza Baza while speaking about Lwasa and Vanessa, he said that there was no problem of her conning the tycoon and besides women are supposed to be given. Now Lwasa who didn’t take these comments in good faith has wondered who Baza Baza is since he’s never heard of him.

“I think he is just excited about joining the industry but I don’t know any of his songs. I will try to check them out. These young people should respect us,” he said in an interview with local television.

It should be recalled that Lwasa also a few weeks ago trashed Weasel who had laughed at his wire for being a chopstick. Lwasa said that he doesn’t know who Weasel is but only knows a certain nobody who used to bark in the late Mowzey Radio‘s songs.

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