Dr. Kuluthum accused of getting married so fast

Dr. Kuluthum Nabunya the widow to the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata has been accused of getting married so fast after his death by one of the Sheikh and friend to the late. Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata died last year in 2021 and he left two wives Bugilita and Dr. Kuluthum with children. Kuluthum was left with one child Anywa Muzaata and Bugilita was left with other three boys whose names are not fully revealed to the public.

When Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata died, the wives he left behind and other family members started fighting for the property he had and on top of that they also started fighting about who will be the heir of the family. Dr. Kuluthum said Sheikh Muzaata had told her that their son Anywa would be the heir but in the will left behind was saying other wise.

Yesterday the real heir of Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata’s heir was crowned publically on Salama television in presence of all family members, friends and the elders of the culture. But Dr. Kuluthum wasn’t happy about it saying they went against what Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata wanted. She added on that Muzaata never liked a back cloth and the heir was dressed in the back cloth.

“Naye ddala muyinza mutya okuddira omwana wo’musajja eyali akulira ddawa nemumwambaza embugo? Yiii kale my heart is bleeding. Sheik yali atya no’lubugo for your information.”

One of the Sheikhs present said that Dr. Kuluthum did a mistake to bet married very fast after the death of her husband Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata. He added on that the rumors that were making rounds on social media saying by the time Sheikh died he was no longer with Kuluthum might be true because she proved it by herself by the speed she used to get married.

“Kulthum yakola ensobi okufumbirwa nga olumbe lwa Sheik Muzaata terunagwa,”

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