What Killed Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata? Shocking Truth Revealed

Uganda has been put into a shock box after the famous motor mouthed, Muslim cleric Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte has been announced dead. This shocking news has been revealed through his family and he died from International Hospital Kampala (IHK) where he had spent a week bedridden. But we ask ourselves, what really killed Sheikh Muzaata Nuhu?

First thing first, Muzaata has been a man well known as a ‘no nonsense’ one even from his old school day, it is said that he could fight or slap someone when they misbehaved. This takes us on to the Muzaata we have all been knowing. Attacking this, replying that, so long as one drove through his lane, he would easily put them back to their own lane.

Days came, nights passed, he started to be so much politically involved, siding with the ruling NRM government. He however was on and off, but still, he has been president Museveni’s friend. Even on the burial of his top friend Anas A. Kaliisa, recently, Muzaata confessed how he was from the yellow side of the political camp before calling Bobi Wine to talk to mourners.

It was after the burial of Kaliisa, that Sheikh Muzaata started to have setbacks with his health, he was then later taken to the Muyenga based International Hospital Kampala (IHK). But, what made us grow goose pimples, is that the top clerics in the Muslim society, first kept it a secret that Muzata was sick!

It was made public after days of him beinmg admitted, and when his health conditions were continously shrinking. Rumor started to make roiunds that he was admitted with complications in his stomach, alleging that the fallen Sheikh was poisoned. While others said it was Coronavirus that he was suffering from.

As our Times Corps stepped in the field, we came to realize that none of the above was right! Muzaata’s life was sent into danger a few months ago when his lovely wife Kulthum Nabunya left him in the house alone. He started to eat from different places and his feeding habits and patterns changed completely as he loved her so much.

Even when at the burial of Anas Kaliisa, Muzaata was sick, and when the sickness ate him up, he was then admitted. Kulthum Nabunya, his wife had vowed never to return to him until he apologized in writing upon what he had done to her.

What Happened Between Muzaata and Kulthum Nabunya?

Well, close sources from his family indicate that, for months, the hard Muslim cleric was unwell but the situation allegedly intensified when one of his wives Kulthum Nabunya moved out of their marital home in Kawempe after a bitter verbal attack from Muzaata.


At the beginning of August, he barked at her when visitors were there and this humiliated her. She packed her things and left the home and this deteriorated Muzaata’s health diminishing his immunity because he couldn’t take care of himself for the last 4 months,” an inside source revealed to us.

It should be remembered that the two, Muzaata and Nabunya have three children together and Kulthum works with Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA). So with other unknown diseases, Sheikh Muzaata was killed by many factors including hysteria. Fare Thee Well Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte.


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