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Dora Mwiima Furious Over Negative Feedback Given From a Fan to Cindy

Dora Mwiima the former Miss Uganda 2008 went into a public altercation with her fan over the fan giving a negative comment about Cindy Sanyu.

The fan called Stella Ellah commented on her social media page stating informing her to get beauty tips from the former beauty queen on how to look beautiful during her pregnancy.

This comes after a video was seen on Cindy’s instagram showing her very heavy with the pregnancy and very pale with no makeup.

However, Dora wasn’t impressed with the statement made by negative opinions and reproached them being sent to a fellow woman.

“She is carrying her pregnancy so well and I love the fact that she is embracing it and not hiding it in fear of “naysayers. Let us learn to clap for each other as women. Our journey can never be the same!!!,” Dora Mwiima fumed.

She was supported by a fellow woman who too wasn’t impressed by Stella’s comments bashing Ellah for being so negative and naive.

“Eeeh why would any woman say that to another woman. Pregnancy is no joke. Some women are just. I don’t even know what to say. Ooh God we are supposed to lift each other. Cindy is so fine with her pregnancy why compare her. Seriously Nooooo. Ellah Stellah that was so rude. Unless you have never been pregnant so u cant understand the steps,” She remarked.


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