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Do not Judge Me, Instead Put My My Shoes On – NBS Mc Kats Begs

Story Highlights
  • Mc kats publicly announced how he is HIV/AIDS positive
  • Fille Mutoni accuses Mc Kats for not thinking about how she would feel about it
  • Fille to go away with her daughter she sired with Kats

A few weeks ago NBS Mc Kats ex wife Fille Mutoni alleged that the time she was in a relationship with Kats, he had turned her into a punching bag every time he returned home drunk not forgetting cheating on her countless times. But Mc Kats is not bothered by Fille’s revelation about their love life.

NBS Television’s Mc Kats came out and posted on his page saying that, before anyone decides to judge him, he/she should first step into his shoes and walk the life he is living and any one who gets as far as Mc Kats has gone then maybe he will see how strong he really is. He also said that he is strong and ready for anything that may push him to the edge.

Before you start to judge me, step into my shoes and walk the life I am leaving and if you get as far as I am. Just maybe you will see how strong I really I am. I am strong enough to face anything that may come up to push me to the edge” he said.


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NBS Mc Kats has many children from different wives and one child with Fille. Though Fille she that she is not leaving her child behind because Kats is not man enough to father the kid. She also said that Kats did not care about Fille’s feelings but all he did was to torture her.

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