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Did You Really Know Bobi Wine’s Father? Here is All You Should Know About Him

He Had Three Nicknames

Story Highlights
  • Bobi Wine says his father was a very tough man with three nicknames
  • Dr. J.W. Ssentamu aka Bulaaya, aka Musajja wa Kabaka, aka Shakespear.
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Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has often not exposed and talked about his late dad Dr. J.W. Ssentamu publicly, he has however on this Father’s Day given the public a description of who his father was, brief profile and job.

Through his official social media platforms, singer Bobi Wine and presidential hopeful expressed how his father nurtured him and the siblings to be the icons of the nation.
‘It’s now that I am a grown-up man and a father myself that I appreciate what you had to sacrifice for us- your children to turn out the way we did. All the words you spoke to me as I was growing up are now making sense.” Robert Kyagulanyi affirmed.
Bobi Wine further narrates the ordeal asserting that his father gave him the best life lessons despite being a tough parent, he was always a mentor to his children and those around him.
Robert Kyagulanyi
You gave me all the life lessons of the life exams that I am sitting today. I can never fit in your shoes fadah but I will spend my life holding your name in honor.  You were the toughest guy I ever knew but I never saw you disrespecting my mother- not even once, and that makes you the greatest man that I ever knew. Thank you for teaching me how to be a real man” he added.
Happy father’s day Dr. J.W. Ssentamu aka Bulaaya, aka Musajja wa Kabaka, aka Shakespeare. Sharing your genes is the greatest inheritance I and your grandchildren could ever get.” Bobi concluded.
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