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Daddy Andre and Nina Rose can make a good couple – Angella Katatumba

Angella Katatumba has for a long time been struggling in music until her recent song with Daddy Andre “Tonelabila” which has become a hit. Daddy Andre and Angella Katatumba were alleged to be in a serious relationship the time they were working on this song.

However, their relationship did not last for a long time. A few weeks after the breakup, Angela revealed the reason the two fell apart, she came out and said that their relationship was going on well. She and her boyfriend loved each other but the two couldn’t go any further because Daddy Andre was not ready to go for an HIV test.


In the recent news, rumour has it that Daddy Andre and Nina Rose have been in a private relationship and Nina Rose is pregnant for Andre.

However, the “Kyoyoya” Singer rubbished the circulating rumour saying that the two are just close friends. They are always together because they work under the same management. The only business they have together is to so music.

While appearing on local television, Angella was asked if she feels bothered by the circulating rumour of her ex dating with Nina Rose. In her response, Angella said that she has no problem with Daddy Andre dating with anyone because she has already moved on with her life.

Angella Katatumba also said she is fine with them dating because the two are a match and so they can make a good couple. Adding to the above, she said that what matters is that Andre and Nina Rose love each other.

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I do not mind about who Daddy Andre dates. I already moved on with my life and so it’s time he moved on too. More so, Daddy Andre and Nina Rose match together. They can make a perfect couple. They love each other and that’s what matters in a relationship. I am not against them” Angella said.
It should be noted that Angella Katatumba, Nina Rose and Daddy Andre are all managed by the Black Market Records.

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