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Crysto Panda Biography, Life, Family, Music and Net worth

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We are again having you with your favorite star, and it is non other than Crysto Panda, the voice behind Kyolina Omanya minster tune. Here is his full Biography, life, education, relationship status, net worth and music journey.

Who is Crysto Panda?

Crysto panda Is a multi talented -Awarding TV host/ Co-presenter at NTVuganda, Events Emcee,
Event’s Organiser, Actor, Fashionista, Motivational Speakers, Youth Activist and a HIP-HOP/ Rap
artist based in Kampala Uganda.


Born Kityamuweesi Herbert A.K.A Crysto Panda was born on May 6, 1995 in the small town of Kabonera, Masaka to the late Namubiru Cissy a former Bartender and the late Nkambwe Dues, a former business man.

He was born alone in both parents but he has half siblings, four boys on the side of his mother and two sisters, one brother on the side of his Father. Music was always present in Herbert’s life beginning in his childhood and school life.

He would listen to GNL zamba’s songs at his mother’s house since he was brought up his mother as a single parent and eventually began to show interest in the hip-hop music.


He attended St Jude Primary School for his PLE in 2007, 2013 he did his Secondary School at St Johns and the 2018 he finalised with his Diploma in Journalism at Datamine Technical Business School.

In his primary school Panda used to clean school toilets in order to cover up his school fees expenses
which were hard for his mother to cater for.

Music Journey

Crysto Panda taught himself how to sing and Rap at a young age and often cites GNL ZAMBA as his
inspiration. He began to perform in his high school St Johns Kabuwoko and in several local talent

When he Lost his mother, he decided to put his music career on hold so then he focused on getting a job on TV and after go back finish university which he accomplished, so after graduating as professional journalist, Panda decide to put his attention again on his music career.

In 2017, Through a TV show interview on his show “Tnation”, Panda got a chance to meet one of Uganda’s leading Audio producers called “Nessim Pan Production” who after an interview gave him an opportunity to jump on one his already trap beat for free.

And on this record “Sagala Manya” he featured one of the fastest lugaflow rappers called Da agent. The record performed so well in the Teens.

2018, Panda did another afrobeat record dubbed “Asht” featuring Beenie Gunter and The ben, one of
biggest RNB Artist from Rwanda produced by NESSIM.

This record performed so well on the local scene and in East Africa. The record was above love and
‘ASHT” is slang which means Assured.

In 2019, He did another record called Kampala Takoma featuring “MUN G” in the genre of Trap/ Lugaflow produced by NESSIM. This record basically talked about the hustle with in Kampala city and how its hard to make it in Kampala. It performed so well too.

2020, Crysto Panda dropped his first single duded “kyoyina Omanya” which was produced by ARTIN Pro, it performed so well even though there was an outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic. The original record blew up and attract so many big names to jump on it for a REMIX.

Panda got a chance to a do a KYOYINA OMANYA REMIX with Uganda’s leading female Artist “
Sheebah Karungi” and as we speak the REMIX is the Number one song in Uganda currently.

In total musically, Panda has 5 songs but he promises to drop many more Records. He currently owns a record Label “Panda Gang”.

Musically Crysto wants to be remembered as an artist who gave young dancers a platform through
incorporating them in his music videos. The biggest message he wants to portray and always portrays is freeness, fun and energetic vibes.

Genre and Voice

Panda does Lugaflow Hip-hop/ rap in trap and Afrobeat style with a deep laid-back voice and exciting
rhyming lyrics which is influenced by Burna Boy, Stormzy and GNL ZAMBA. Panda during an interview when he was asked about the artists who he admires, he replied and said… (bottom end)


On 7th December 2019, Crysto Panda held his first big concert dubbed “Panda Turn Up” at Cricket Oval
which attracted over 10,000 attendees and he expects to host it again annually.

MCEE Career

In 2016, Panda started MCing on different high school Prom Parties which made him more popular
and famous in TEENS.

In 2018 he was the official Mc for the FLY Fest which had Nigerian superstar “Korede Bello” and in
the same year he was also the official Mc of the 30billion concert in Uganda which had Nigerian
global superstar “DAVIDO” on the 31st of DECEMBER at Pearl of Africa hotel Kampala.

In 2019, Panda was one of the Emcees on “Burna Boy’s “show when he was live in Uganda.

Career Beginnings (TV Host career)

At the age of 20years, Panda got his first professional Job as TV host on one of Uganda’s biggest TV
stations WBSTV where he worked as the “Arbitrator” of a high school Quiz show and his role on the
show was to ask questions.

2015- up to date.

Panda got a job on Uganda’s leading TV station currently “NTV Uganda” where he started working as
a TV presenter of the most watched Teens/Youth show dubbed “TNation” up to date. Through that show, Panda became a teen heartthrob with his loving, down to earth and Hardworking soul.

Through this show, Panda also became Teen’s Favorite, a Youth activist and motivational speaker and he also started up a charity organisation dubbed “Panda charity organisation” where he pays school fees for orphans like him.

Through this show, Panda started up an annual event for young people dubbed “Panda Turn UP”
which gives a platform to talented teens and Youths more so the funds that come out his events are
used for charity.

2020 –up to date
Panda started working as TV host of “Dance party” on NTV Uganda which air every Saturday night
Currently, Panda Hosts Two TV shows on NTV Uganda “TNation”, “Dance party” which are currently
one of the most leading entertainment shows in East Africa.

Panda Awards

PANDA was nominated in the “Abryanz style and Fashion Awards as the Best Dressed male media

He won an award as the Best TEENIES Teen TV show Presenter in the BUZZ TEENIES AWARDS

He won the Award of Best Teenies Teen TV show presenter in the Buzz Teenies Awards Again.


On the 6th May on his birthday, Panda welcomed his first baby girl who passed on after one month due
to seizures, he was broken down but he kept on working as he stayed strong as he kept on pushing
out with his girlfriend.


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Favorite Quotes

“Even a journey of a thousand miles is started by one step”
“NO Man is an island “
“Its never your problem to be born in a poor family but it will be 100% your problem to die poor”

Net Worth

Panda has not yet shared his net worth to this website.


2015, he featured in film called 5 @ Home (Season 1) where he acted as Benji (extra)

2016 he featured in the Hostel series and he was acting as Mark (extra).

I admire myself because I didn’t know I will reach this far, so every time I look at my hustle and how far I have I just kneel down and thank God more so be proud of myself” Crysto Panda.

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