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Cysto Panda Becomes Childless Again on Fathers’ Day , Leaves Many in Grief

His Daughter Died a Mysteriously

Story Highlights
  • NTV's Crysto Panda had welcomed his first child a month ago amid happiness and joy
  • He broke the sad news of the loss of his child on fathers' day
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The NTV presenter and Singer Crysto Panda left his fans in pain after revealing how he lost his child two weeks ago almost after birth. Yesterday as it was Fathers’ day, Many people wished Crysto Panda a happy father’s day. This is because they had no clue that he had lost his daughter. This gave Panda the courage to reveal something that he had not yet gotten the courage to say.

Crysto Panda took on his social media thanking his fans for having wished him a happy father’s day. In addition, he also apologized for having not shared the bad news with them. Panda’s daughter had died two weeks ago.

He narrated that his daughter got tired at delivery and this affected her brains. This caused her a dead brain that brought her multiple seizure attacks. Unfortunately, the doctors could not help the condition because the child was still young with a soft skull that couldn’t be operated. The daughter was given two months so that he can be operated but unfortunately he died when he was one month.

Thank you so much to whoever has wished me a Happily Fathers’ Day. Unfortunately, I am sorry to inform you that I lost my daughter two weeks back. My baby got tired during delivery and because of that she got dead brain which caused multiple seizure attacks. Because she was still young the doctors could not operate her because her skull was still soft.” He narrated the painful story.


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“So they suggested we hold up a bit longer she grows like we do the operation in two months.
But as you know the seizures became many and she couldn’t take it any longer so she passed on when she was a month old” In pain Crysto Panda explained. However much Panda lost his baby he didn’t give up on entertaining his fans because of the love he has for both his fans and the job.

We pray that the God Lord should keep him strong in these hard times.

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