Brand New Military Equipment Shipped Into Uganda

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Uganda has yet again received an arsenal of equipment which were shipped in through Entebbe Expressway. Basing on a video that was shared on Twitter in the wee hours of the night, various trucks are seen being used as a means to ship tons and tons of military equipment into the country through the Entebbe express highway.

This has left many people wondering what the military equipment is for and why the government would feel the need to ship more armaments into the country which already seems to have a surplus of military equipment.

In the recently read budget for the 2022/23 financial year, the security sector was prioritized receiving a lion’s share in comparison to other sectors like agriculture, education and health. As though that is not enough, the head of state also announced that military personnel would have an increment in their salaries thanks to the hard work and effort that out into ensuring that the peace and unity in the country is safeguarded.

This has currently been followed up by the shipping of armaments into the country which leaves us wondering what the country is preparing for. However, it should not be forgotten that just like Uganda is a peaceful country, it has fought hard to ensure that it restores peace among neighboring countries that are challenged with war and military unrest.

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The Uganda People’s Defense Forces has been on several peace missions around the African region including in Somalia, South Sudan, in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Central African Republic. This explains why the army not only need a salary increment but also more equipment so that they can safeguard peace not only in Uganda but also in neighboring countries.


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