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Bleeding Woman in a Viral Video Who Survived the Bomb Blast Dies

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We hope you all saw the bleeding woman who was walking around asking people to help her boda guy after the Kampala twin bombings. Yes, she was seen all covered in blood and seemingly pregnant, which was not the case. Sad news getting to our desk indicate that the that bleeding woman is dead.

This news come in a time where television personality Jonathan Jaxta decided to spearhead the movement to raise her medical bills money and save her. But unfortunately, it never came to pass as she is dead.

When found in the hospital, she narrated the story saying that, she was on a boda boda (motor cycle) and she saw herself on the ground. She continues to say that, she felt like black powdered things falling on her face, and she saw all her face soaked in blood.

After realizing that, she again said that, she saw the boda rider lying lifeless on the ground and started asking whoever would help the dying man. She was rushed to the hospital to stop the bleeding and a tetanus injection where she was charged 700,000 Ugx.

Now that bleeding woman is dead as she succumbed to the wounds she got from the bomb blast and her burial took place yesterday the 18th of November and burial took place in Lira.


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Elijah Mutabuza

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