Because Nansana is Growing Fast Now people are Jealous – Comedian Amooti

Story Highlights
  • Nansana has been trending as a place where everything disorganized comes from
  • Masitoowa, Yesu Amala are the most famous places in Nansana
  • Pastor Bugembe, Comedian Mc Kapale, Mc Mariachi, Senga Sebanga, Amooti all hail from Nansana

Recently there has been a trend about Nansana being an area with people who have a poor lifestyle. In addition, and also it is an area with low levels of development on social media. While appearing on the local gossip show UNCUT KALAKATA, the New Amarula boss, aspiring Member of Parliament of Nansana, comedian Omubalanguzi Amooti said that he can not take this anymore.

He can not see jealous people form undeveloped areas attacking his place of residence because it’s developing at a high speed. Amooti Omubalanguzi warns all the people trying to undertake Nansana to keep off his locality. However, he is also in shock because many fellow Nansana residents are helpless about this issue. Therefore he won’t accept this kind of nonsense buzzing all over the different social media platforms.

He said that people like Pastor Wilson Bugembe, MC Mariachi, MC Kapale, and many others are not coming out to defend their locality yet they are the ones that gave it the name and made it sound far. In his statements, he said that people from more ‘remote’ areas like Ntinda and Najeera are attacking ‘developed’ Nansana.

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Amooti Omubalanguzi
Comedian Amooti Omubaranguzi

As an aspiring MP of Nansana in the forth coming elections, I take this opportunity to condemn the
current trend of disrespecting my area.so many people living in areas like Makindye,Ntinda,Najeera and many other places are jealous because Nansana is developing at a high speed. But the most shocking thing is that my fellow Nansana residents like MC Mariachi, Pastor Wilson
Bugembe, Comedian Kabaata and MC Kapale are not doing anything to stop this shameful act. They are not doing anything to defend their place of residence” Amooti said.

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