Bajjo Gives His View On Artistes’ Fares Paid By Promoters

In Uganda, artistes are some of the highly paid people but it looks like events promoters are not keeping up with them as they keep hiking their prices. In 2021, singer Pallaso was one of the highly paid artistes due to how hard working he was throughout Covid19 lockdown in 2020. Some of the promoters like Bajjo wasn’t happy with the way he was behaving.

Bajjo kept talking about how artistes are putting down promoters businesses by asking a lot of money that they are not worth and leading them into debts. Recently Bajjo even made an interview where he called artistes dogs and some of them like Mesach Semakula were not happy with that statement. As the president of Promoters Association Abitex is behind bars, Bajjo and other promoters took the initiative to rank artiste and give them the standard amount they are worth per show.

On the list released on social media, Bobi Wine is the highly paid worth 20 million shillings followed by David Lutalo 6 millions and Sheebah 5.5 millions. And the least paid on the list is singers Big Eye Starboss and Ronald Mayinja ranging from 400k to 700k per show.

Here is the full list;

“For instance a person like Kenzo or David Lutalo need to be given 7M instead of the high 15-20M which you can’t recoup from them. Bebe Cool goes for 1.5m because he has not hit song and good music, Chameleone 5m, Sheebah 5m, Juliana 3m, Mudra 1.5m, Zex Bilangilangi 800k, Pallaso 3M, Pinky 500,000, Gravity goes for 1.5m-2m, Mesach Ssemakula 3m, King Saha 2-2.5m, Kapa Cat 500-600k, Feffe Bussi 800k-1m,” said Bajjo.

According to Bajjo Events, Ugandan artistes don’t understand the business. The only thing they care about is themselves and how they are getting money forgetting that they need to be worth that money. He said artistes like Juliana Kanyomozi ask for above 10 millions yet they can’t bring even 500 people in the concert because they think they are legends in the industry.

Outspoken Bajjo said every artiste should know his worth for the business to move on well and it will help them work even harder to get paid highly.

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