Sheebah Karungi promotes Spice Diana’s concert

Singer Sheebah Karungi known by her stage name Queen Sheebah has promoted Spice Diana’s concert amidst the sabotaging rumors. Spice Diana and Sheebah have been close friends for a few months although some people especially artistes like Nina Roz and Gravity Omutujju have been saying that their friendship is fake.

Things even got worse when Spice Diana supported Sheebah in her concluded two day concert at Serena Hotel yet Sheebah is said to have stabbed her in the back staging another show on Spice Diana’s coming concert. During the festive season, Spice Diana’s fans were ranting on social media saying Sheebah Karungi has betrayed their artiste after she supporter her in her concert.

Spice Diana also went on social media and showed her disappointment in Sheebah. Spice said she likes trusting friends but they end up betraying her all the time and branding her as a fake friend. Sheebah didn’t say anything about the issues but she came out happily promoting Spice Diana’s concert on social media. She called all her fans to come and support Spice Diana saying she will also be available at the concert ready to perform for her fans.

“Happy new year my lovers! Let’s begin the year by turning up in large numbers in love & support for the Star Gyal Spice Diana at LUGOGO CRICKET OVAL on 13TH JAN 🙏🏾 I will be there! #SHOWTIME🔥 Good luck Spice 🙏🏾,” Sheebah Karungi posted.

The beefs between artistes have been going on for a long time. But for the sake of Sheebah and Spice Diana’s beef it was more in their fans. Spice Diana said they have never had a bitter argument but they were not very close unlike now where Sheebah Karungi approached Spice and decided to have a personal friendship between them.

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