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A Congregation That Worships a Human God

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A religious sect in Bikuli, Kamwenge district worships their pastor and religion founder Prophet Emmanuel Nuwabigaba whom they believe is the Heavenly Father himself.

The doctrines of this religion demand that whoever believes in Prophet Emmanuel and goes to Prophet Emmanuel Ministries must be a supporter of the National Resistance Movement. Therefore, yellow is the uniform color the Church wares.

According to Prophet Nuwabigaba, he at birth, had infinite power he possess. And a voice from the Heavens allegedly also told him that he is the one true God himself. “I was born with words written in my palms, although people called it a book, but he thinks it’s the equivalent of a Bible. After his birth, a certain voice spoke to him and told him that he is God,” he said.

He went on to speak of how many other religious leaders in his locality has failed to believe. This howeve drove him to start a Church of his own. So that he could be in position to fish more followers and keep them from being misguided.

Also, in the infamous Prophet Emmanuel ministries, the congregation is fed on wine and biscuits during the communion time. This only makes the practices in this Church more bizarre. Since Biblically, the wine and bread symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

NRM Distances itself from Prophet Emmanuel Nuwabigaba

Although the local leaders have also come out to complain about him as Godfrey Mucunguzi the Resident District Commissioner of Kitagwenda, Kamwenge said, “Among others, people complain that he stops people from going for treatment when they are sick. He prays for them until they die. He has very strong boys of young age, but very energetic who are beating people around if the allegations mentioned are found true, we shall not hesitant to close that religion, specifically that Church.”

His believers keep on defending their religion as they say that their pastor is indeed the only God. They continue saying they can testify to knowing since he has performed multiple miracles. This only leaves us wondering, who is Prophet Emmanuel, the man that claims to be God.

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