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5 years of Radio Mowzey death, family speaks

Ugandan musician Moses Ssekibogo, best known as Mowzey Radio of the Goodlyfe died on the 1st of Feb 2018 at 6am from CASE Hospital. Radio Mowzey death happened at Case clinic in Kampala where he had been admitted after reportedly being beaten into coma following a fight at De Bar, a local hang-out spot in Entebbe town.

Talented Mozey Radio death was very abrupt and most of his fans were shocked, couldn’t believe that their artiste has died. His death was one of the many that hit Uganda music industry different. He was too young and he had so many projects that were to be released which he didn’t get a chance to do so.

With his partner Weasel, after Mozey Radio died, it became hard for him to get back on his toes in the music industry and ever since the death he has never settled like he used to be. Now that it is five years ever since Mozey Radio died, his family and close friends no longer get emotional or cry over him.

Instead, they are using the opportunity to celebrate his life and remember all the good things he used to do for them. Radio’s young sister revealed that before he died, he told them not to cry after his death but rather celebrate his life by dancing and singing and now that is five years the only thing they are doing is to celebrate him.

“Before my brother Mowzey Radio death, he told us to never cry for him, that’s why we celebrate his life every year. As we mark 5 years we want his fans to come gather and we celebrate the life of our brother,” Mozey Radio’s sister revealed.

It should be noted that Mozey Radio left young children who barely understood what death meant by the time he died. But now they are growing and we hope some will take on his legacy

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