Weasel speaks about Mozey Radio’s Angel music

Singer Weasel Manizo real name Mayanja Douglas has spoken about the late Mowzey Radio who was his music partner Angel Music company. Radio and Weasel worked together for more than 10 years and they had started building their music label slowly by slowly which is Angel Music.

In their music label, there were not managing other talents but rather managing themselves and writing music for different artistes as Radio was good at pen and paper. His songs lyrics are very unique when someone listens to the song.

But Radio died early in 2018 and he left when nothing was established. The company was still growing and in process although some artistes like Spice Diana and Lydia Jazmine had got songs from Radio.

According to Weasel Manizo, people didn’t understand what ‘Angel music’ was about. Because Radio had started releasing singles without Weasel people thought it was only Radio’s company without Weasel in it.

According to Weasel, the company was developing and it was going to be responsible for creating and writing songs for other musicians. Like any other company to grow it has to start with the person himself and that’s what Radio Mowzey was doing to first do music on his own then other people later. Weasel said he wishes people had recognized Radio by then and gave him his flowers he needed rather than putting him down like the media was doing when still alive.

People misunderstood “Angel music, it was going to be a company responsible for creating and writing songs for other musicians, and Goodlyfe would have thrived”. – Weasel

It should be noted like any other human being, Radio had his bad and was sometimes arrogant in public. The last altercation he had was with media personality Eddie Sendi at a certain bar and it didn’t end well

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