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5 Female Ugandan Artists That Have Ruled The Covid-19 Lockdown

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Uganda has been under a tight lockdown for over one year and a half due to the deadly pandemic which came with several challenges but still 5 Female Ugandan Artists managed to stay on top. This has led to a drop in the music industry in Uganda forcing many musicians to pull out of music for some time due to different reasons.

However, it is evident that not all musicians pulled out of music. Today Times Uganda presents 5 Female Ugandan Artists who have kept their fans entertained in this lockdown and here is our list;

5. Nina Roz:


Nina started off with the speed of lightening at the beginning of the year with songs like;. Billboard, Nangana, Enyoota among many other songs which shall make it to the billboard at the end of the year.

However, the untimely breakup between her and lover as well as boss Daddy Andre seemed to have shaken her music career. Hence pulling her out of the media scene.

4. Sheebah Karungi:


Nakyeyombekedi a.k.a the Queen herself who is also known as Sheebah Karungi makes it to number 4 on our list. Despite the presence of the lockdown, Sheebah still found a way to keep herself relevant as she had songs such as boyfire, kale mama, nkutuse and yolo. With every song she produced her relevance seemed to have elevated.

It’s no wonder Sheebah Karungi was able to maintain her position despite the lockdown. She always works tooth and nail to maintain her music industry prominence.

3. Spice Diana:


From her collaborations with local artists to collaborations with artists from neighboring Tanzania such as Zuchu and Mbosso, Spice was surely destined for the best female artists of the year.

During the lockdown, Spice kept us blew up the sound systems with various hits like;. body, ready, marry me, upendo, tujooge and ntuyo zange.

There’s no doubt that Spice is among the limited female artists that left a mark during the lockdown despite the various restrictions that had been placed upon the music industry.

2. Lydia Jazmine:


This year, Lydia more than verbally declared her love for collaborations as she time and time collaborated with artists to produce many songs that we are still listening to up to date.

In a collaboration with Rickman, she produced good night, Banange with Mpaka records boss Ykee Benda and feeling with Grenada.

Her marvelous did not stop at collaborations as she produced some single songs which include;. I love you bae, kapeesa among many others.

1. Azawi:

At the beginning of the lockdown, Azawi dropped a song or two to ease the tension that had filled the country as some of her memorable hits include repeat it and lo fit.

After a period of musical silence, Azawi decided to grant the country an ideal independence gift with her “African music” album which was dropped on the 9th of October.

The album has surely gained attention to a point that Azawi made it to the Times Square billboard in New York. This made her the third artist after Eddy Kenzo and Bobi wine.

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There’s no doubt Azawi’s album has set her a step ahead of many artists and just like music legend Joanita Kawalya once predicted, the young music star is truly destined for the best.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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