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Zex Bilangilangi Responds to Bebe Cool List With a Diss song Nababamba

Bebe Cool is that unlucky guy that has turned into everyone’s punching bag in the Ugandan music industry. You will find even a faded artist dissing him and even an upcoming artist beefing him. Well, Zex Bilangilangi, one of the artists that has just found way into the limelight has responded to his inclusion on the Bebe Cool list, with a punching song Nababamba.

He calls the list nonsense and calls Bebe Cool “doogo” in his recent ragga audio called,”nababamba.” In one of the verses of the song, he sings, “there are people who thing we are struck by weed and they think they made it…but no, you have nothing you are telling me, I do only music so…, You see this doogo, what were you trying to do? Look at him…scheeeww!!!…..”

This came after Bebe Cool referred to him as a firebase criminal when he included him on his list. Many have come out to condemn Zex but he seems bitter to those who comment on his posts stopping him from dissing Bebe Cool. One of his fans replied to him asking him what Bebe Cool did wrong in putting him on the list and the singer immediately blasted the fan with a silencing comment. “Now what did Bebe Cool say badly,” Do Ordie replied to Zex’s post. “Step down ma yute, zino entalo zaffe,” Zex Bilangilangi commented on Do Ordie’s reply.

Unlike Zex who fired back, the likes of Pallaso were very excited to be on the list. Thus the birth of Nababamba.

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