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Zari Hassan Reveals why she Keeps Changing Men

Ugandan South Africa based socialite Zari Hassan has revealed why she constantly changes men. The mother of 5 is famous for dating numerous men who all end up parting ways with her.

However, while appearing in an interview with local television Sanyuka TV, Zari said that can’t remain in a relationship where she doesn’t get peace. The instant she feels uncomfortable in it, she ditches it for another.

Further more, Zari said that when she’s done with these men, she doesn’t talk ill about them especially if she’s had a good time with them. She talked about her current relationship with a one Shakeeb Lutaaya. According to Zari, he had always been a long-term friend of hers. She however doesn’t recall how they started dating.

The socialite also said that contrary to what people say that she’s a cougar, it’s not true. This is because Shakeeb is in his early 30’s. Its just that he has a baby face. Zari further said that she always sits her kids down and explains to them why she jumps from one relationship to another. She tells them that her happiness is of paramount importance.

Shakeeb has always been my friend but honestly I don’t know how we started dating. He’s not young only that he has a baby face. He’s in his early 30’s and I’m also going to make 42 years. By the way no body gets into a relationship thinking it will end but some factors force you to quit.” Zari defended the age of her man.

And if something doesn’t give you peace, you quit it early enough but Shakeeb gives me a piece of mind. He is very calm and has few words.  For my kids, I sit them down and tell them about my changing men. This is because people will always question my integrity in regards to my changing men,” she added.

Zari also said for those saying that it will end in tears, its not theirs but rather hers. She also trashed rumors that she wants to get back together with Diamond Platinumz. According to her, they are now good friends than they were as lovers and just co-parent their kids.


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