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Zahara Totto fights with South African promoters

Media personality and Dejaay Zahara Totto is in a bitter fight with South African promoters who had taken her their to perform and interview people on red carpet over the weekend. Zahara Totto started as a dancer, then did some music which didn’t work out for her. After music, Zahara Totto joined hosting in clubs which led her to a job on television eight years ago.

Throughout her careers Zahara Totto has evolved and has also tried hard to learn new things every time. During Covid19 lockdown, she didn’t waste that time she used it to learn dejaaying which makes for her money at the moment. Over the weekend, she had a show in South Africa known as StarQtawards that she was supposed to Dejaay on and also interview people on red carpet.

Despite going days earlier to prepare, she wasn’t able to make it to the event after getting into a misunderstanding with the promoter. Few hours to the event, Zahara Totto posted saying she is not going to appear because she wasn’t paid her money that they agreed on and she can’t work without that money.

Zahara went ahead to complain about unprofessionalism that was showed to her by the promoters and even the poor management going on in the promoters. Zahara was supposed to perform with Vinka and Mikie Wine who has also travelled days ago.

“Apologizes to all my South African fans . I won’t be hosting the @starqtawards it is canceled DUE TO FRAUD, LACK OF FUNDS TO PAY ME AND THE ARTISTS POOR MANAGEMENT, LACK OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, UNPROFESSIONALISM , POOR COMMUNICATION from the whole management of #starqtawards especially Stella Starqt . If you paid your money expecting to be entertained , red carpet experience , get your interviews done by me kindly attend at your own risk ⛔️ cc MIKIE WINE Dj ZATO,” Zahara Totto said.

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