Youths Exalt President Museveni, Crown Him “All Time Hero”

In a recent twitter trend, #WhyUGDecidedM7, multiple tweeps have come out to shower the Head of State president Museveni in numerous glories about the tremendous things he has done for the country especially in the health sector under the hashtag #UgHealth. They crown him “Hero of all time”

The developments relate to the improvements in the various health sectors in the country especially the hospitals as well as the works of Members of Parliament of the NRM in relation to health. Some of the honey dripping tweets about our beloved President Museveni as a a Hero have been shared below;

A good leader is an example to the people he leads, this is one of the many characteristics of our President @KagutaMuseveni. When AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine reached Uganda H.E, @DianaAtwine @JaneRuth_Aceng were among the first people to be vaccinated #UgHealth
#WhyUGDecidedM7,” Precious Praise inevitable stated proudly about the President.

Moroto Reginal Referral Hospital having been elevated from a general hospital now has a catchment area of 7 districts in the region which include : Moroto, Napak, Nakapiripirit, Kaboong, Kotido, Abim and Amudat. #UgHealth #WhyUGDecidedM7”  Vianney elaborated the essence of the hospital not just to Moroto but to six other districts.

Additionally, Purple-Pingu also tweeted praying the NRM regime as he said “Following claims
that Arua Regional Hospital did not receive ICU bed, Hon. @MorikuJoyce the state Minister in
charge of Primary Health Care visited the Hospital and confirmed the delivery of ICU beds and
Oxygen cylinders #UgHealth #WhyUGDecidedM7.”


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This feels like a breath of fresh air because unlike the usual tweets attacking the ruling government, for once the President is being praised. And consequently, President Museveni is crowned Uganda’s hero of all time.

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