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You will not stop me from being happy – Tiktoker Muna256 tells haters

TikToker star Muna256 has responded to haters telling them that they will not stop her from enjoying her life and being as happy as she always wanted. Muna256 started being famous when she was working as a house maid in Saudi Arabia. With all the stress and depression she encountered where she was living, she decided to join the TikTok app for fun and that led to her fame.

From Saudi Arabia, Muna256 decided to go back in Arab countries to make money but this time around she went to Dubai. While in Dubai she met a guy known as Derick and the two started dating. They took their relationship on social media and they became a famous couple on TikTok admired by so many people especially the young ones if their age.

Muna and Derrick started making a living off TikTok by being influencers, dancing on song challenges for money and also taking on ambassadorial deals of different companies. Who knew that this fare tale was to be short lived? Two years into their relationship, the couple Muna and Derrick started growing apart.

And last month, Muna came out in the public saying she is now a gay putting on the gay related colored clothes with another lady who is feared to be her girlfriend. According to Muna, she has been receiving so much hate ever since she became famous but she has managed to go through everything by herself. Muna said she is tired of living a life where she tries to please people but they don’t appreciate. And so she is now out in the UK living the best of her life and no one will stop her.

“I have tried so much to please people but they always abuse me. Now I am tired and I am making myself happy by living the life I always wanted. No one will stop me from being happy. I now have a new TikTok account of posting only things I like,” Muna said.

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