You Will Go Like Obote or Amin, Keep Ignoring Advise – Naduli Slaps Museveni

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It is all eggs shaking and breaking as the former minister without portfolio Abdul Naduli warns HE President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni about how he may end up leaving power and follow the wrath his predecessors Amin Dada and Apollo Milton Obote met that is if he continues to ignore their advice according to Capital Times.

It is being learnt that Nadduli passed this caution message to the president during an interview with a local media house and he vehemently said that Museveni is doing exactly what they were fighting against! He then said that he is not ready to sit back and watch the party’s core values get changed in favor of a handful of people. He moved on to say that NRM, is killing itself not the opposition.

The opposition has nothing to do with the collapse of NRM, no, in fact, these young boys are playing their own politics like how we were in the 1980s, but what made us win the war was because of the disorganization in Obote’s camps and this is what am seeing right now in our party. And the recent primaries were a good example for us to learn from,” Nadduli said. He the added that only one person (Museveni) should not be deciding who to contest and where.


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“During Obote’s reign, we witnessed people from other regions coming here to represent us in Parliament, it’s the same thing we see here and people come from nowhere that I want to be a member of Parliament here in the central and the leader is keeping silent, this is going to cause a problem. The party has given full mandate to one person which is wrong also, he can’t be the only person to solve the whole problem of the party and yet he is the same person commanding who should contest where and how. Nadduli says, if Museveni does not deal with the mafias that have joined NRM, he will end up being eaten.

It should be remembered that Naduli started going bare knuckles with his party chairman President Museveni after the recently concluded Members of Parliament NRM flag bearers which he termed as ‘an unfair’ election throughout the country. He even showed his dissatisfaction later blaming the process still.

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