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You haven’t yet seen anything – Hellen Lukoma to critics

Veteran singer Hellen Lukoma has come out to tell critics how they haven’t yet seen anything when it comes to her kimansulo. This followed recent pictures which made rounds on social media of Hellen Lukoma in awkward positions.

Lukoma while at a concert was photographed with her legs wide open in a skimpy outfit. Many people came out and criticized her for such dressing yet she’s a mother and a wife. The Bintu Bya Daddy singer said that she’s sorry for those who got offended but there is nothing that she can do about it.

She said that she doesn’t understand why local musicians are put in the spotlight and criticized a lot over their dressing. Apparently, the mother of two advised these people to always switch off their TV’s because it’s where musicians like Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga show off lots of flesh.

I don’t exactly understand why people criticize us the local musicians a lot. The likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga do this so much more than we do. Therefore I think these parents should always make sure that they switch off their TV’s so that their children don’t watch them. I’m sorry for those that got offended but there is nothing much I can do about it and there isn’t much that I showed off that they haven’t seen before,” said Hellen Lukoma.

Furthermore, the pencil sized singer added that the photos were even taken at night. Besides it was in an  uncomfortable angle. And night life is just full of such incidents. She also expects mature people at such concerts and not kids. The singer who barely has music has relied heavily on nudity to keep the fans hooked.

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