You Handled Archbishop Lwanga’s Health Condition With Negligence – Museveni Scolds Doctors

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The cause of fallen cleric, Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga’s death is well know now as it was established by the postmortem report conducted by pathologists citing Ischemic heart disease as being the reason behind the Archbishops’ sudden death. President Museveni is now furious about doctors.

Basing on our sources, the people close to the Archbishop in deed attested to the fact that he
had been living with the life threatening health compilation and attained treatment from time
to time.

When word landed the President Museveni ears that the Archbishop succumbed to a health complication he has been battling with, the President’s furry rose as he expected extreme caution to have been taken with the Archbishop’s life.

The hot headed head of State went to his Twitter handle and expressed how disappointed he
was in the medics ;

When I received the news of Archbishop Lwanga’s death, I called the police surgeon who was involved in his postmortem and they told me that the condition was well known . I asked them if it was the case, what did they do about it when he alive!” President Museveni roared.

In so saying, the president seeks to believe that if the Archbishop had attained the necessary medical attention, he wouldn’t have fallen prey of such a premature death and the nation wouldn’t miss out on one of it’s greatest assets.


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