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Ykee Benda unpleased by how US Embassy in Uganda treats Africans

Singer and Mpaka Records boss Ykee Benda is unpleased by how United States of America (US embassy) in Uganda treats Africans seeking for the Visa to go to their country. People are always travelling to different countries for different reasons. But some countries especially the developed ones are hard to access due to so many demands.

For artistes they usually travel to different countries to go and perform for their fans living in those areas. But without the work permit they deceive to be going for visits in those countries. Ykee Benda looks to have had a bad experience with the US Embassy as he sought for a visa to take him out their. But like any other celebrity with a huge following and a voice that can be easily heard he aired out his views through social media.

According to Ykee Benda, Africans have been taken for granted for a very long time by people in different countries. He said about 1000 people are interviewed by the US Embassy everyday even paying money. But about 100 people are granted visa. Ykee Benda was asking why don’t they refund money back to those denied Visa because it is now like a business as they collect about 25 million shillings from those denied visas.

“Africans we have been taken for granted far too long. The US Embassy keeps interviewing over 1000 people for visas daily, approximately only 100 get visas. Why don’t they refund to those denied? On a daily they make about 25,000,000 from those denied,” Ykee Benda tweeted

There are different artistes who have been deported after getting visas just because they can’t answer basic English questions to make them fly to other countries. These celebrities include MC Mariachi, Chosen Becky and many others.

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