Ykee Benda Steps Down as UMA President

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Things are seeming to be more devastating more than we all thought, and this brings us to the breaking news of the Uganda Musician Association (UMA) president. Ykee Benda has tossed a coin in the air and informed that he is resigning from the role given to him, saying that ‘they need someone else’.

As we are still developing the story about what could have forced Ykee Benda to make a tough decision of leaving the top chair, we get notified that there is a cocoon of people in the association that works hard to fight whoever shows up his face to carry the association UMA.

I will be stepping down soon as president of UMA as I will communicate through my PR. After three months of deep thought and advise from the people i trust. They need someone else” Ykee Benda tweeted.

The same story happened with the former president of the same UMA association when he stepped down with an immediate effect, saying that he was no longer into games of the association. Now Ykee Benda has been barely a 10 months on the same position at UMA. And he is being deputized by Cindy Sanyu.

It should be noted however, that UMA was started to unite the Uganda musicians under one umbrella and get the voice out loud for all of them.


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