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Winnie Nwagi Misses Jail After Badly Attacking a Cleaner

Songstress Winnie Nwagi seems to be the perfect description of ‘let the sleeping dogs lay’ as she nearly choked the life out of a Forest Mall cleaner during the weekend for incompetence. This happened after Winnie Nwagi attacking a cleaner.

The incidence was a result of the flooded washrooms at Forest Mall which flickered Winnie Nwagi’s anger that she showered upon the available bait who was the cleaner and blamed her for being incompetent and not doing the job expected of her.

The singer almost threw fists at the cleaner had it not been for her friend that came to the cleaners’ aid and dragged a fuming Winnie Nwagi away from the scene which was starting to draw attention, and stopped the attack that would drag Nwagi to courts of law.

By the time Winnie Nwagi was dragged away from attacking the cleaner at Forest Mall, she had drown a crowd that had joined in chewing the cleaner alive although she stayed silent and did not utter a single word to the fuming crowd.

Further more, it should be remembered that, this is not the first time Winnie Nwagi is publicly embarrassing someone as she was recently reported to have not paid her accumulated bills at a Kamwokya restaurant.

More so, Nwagi appeared in news after she battered her own maid and publicly accepted to have done it. And even bragged about how she taught the maid a lesson for the reasons she kept to herself.

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