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Why Ugandan artistes accuse each other for using drugs

As Ugandans and good fans to our artistes, we are well aware that most of the artistes in the country male or female can’t survive without using drugs. In that we have seen some taken into rehabilitation centers after their conditions getting worse because of drugs and many getting useless because of the act. However, many deny the fact that they don’t use them at all and others keep silent about it even when accused in public and surprisingly, the accusations of artistes taking drugs are done by their colleagues.

This is well proved by artiste Bebe Cool real name Musa Ssali a Ugandan ragga and reggae musician who came out days back accusing King Saha of taking drugs a thing he said was killing the artistes reputation in the Ugandan music industry. Bebe Cool said this after one of the Ugandan radio personalities Brian Mulondo coming out publicly saying Saha had a poor body odor a thing he said was caused by the singer’s failure of cleaning his body well and perfuming himself especially when getting on stage a thing many Ugandans including King Saha diehards said that, that never concerned the two.

The accusations were proven when the accused was reported very sick a few days after he was said to be using drugs but according to the information got from the hospital, the singer was admitted there because he had high fever and fatigue a thing they say was caused because of him not resting enough for a long period of time.

After King Saha discharged from the hospital, he has also accused Bebe Cool for using drugs a thing he says is going to end his life soon. Even when the two are known for beefing on each other, their accusations to each other would be taken seriously and no one knows where the two will end the fight they have in their midst. But regardless of that, it’s well known that both the artistes use drugs.

And because of this incident we believe that all kinds of accusations are done because artistes themselves underrate each other and on that carry their unknown misunderstandings from their past lives just to drawn the other with believed intentions of ruining other reputation.

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