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Who is Wanta the Trending TikToker in Uganda 2022?

As Social media platforms are mushrooming, we were used to those of Facebook and Twitter, until the giant TikTok arrived. The app has produced stars and in Uganda, we have seen youths getting stardom with TikTok. Here is a one Wanta who is currently the most trending Tiktoker in Uganda.

Who is Wanta of TikTok?

The Tiktoker rose to fame when he started to do skits as he was seen pleading with his ex lover asking her to be a human and get back to him and other sorts of skits. But many people are asking, who is he that he is sweeping Tiktok over its feet.

Well, Wanta is initially a Ugandan producer, songwriter and a performing artiste who has dropped various songs and his latest is called Fresh love. Wanta has his fans collectively under the umbrella of Wanta Nation. His song Fresh Love is currently one of the most trending songs on Tiktok with many challenges made in it.

His signature shaking voice as if he is crying is a whole thing that makes him the most loved currently. His quarreling with his ex lover is always leaving his fans laughing loud asking why a man with beards would cry over a failed love. Wanta has been seen in the most trending skit where he tells a girl that she should love him it is not that every man will fall for her.

The celebrated Tiktoker Wanta has garnered 133,000 followers and 1.1m likes on TikTok, and many followers on Instagram. He has other songs like Siffa Bwavu, Mbabongako ft Omufirika and more. That is all you need to know about him, and more shall be unveiled as we go on. Keep it Times Uganda.

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