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WhatsApp, Instagram Shutdown Affects Millions of People on Friday

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The most famous messaging apps, WhatsApp and it’s sister app Instagram have shutdown unexpectedly hence affecting billions of users Worldwide. This has happened on the 19th of March 2021, Friday at around 20:40 hours.

At first, users of WhatsApp and Instagram got shocked after shutdown as many were seen complaining on the other apps on how WhatsApp and Instagram jammed working. As others complained of subscribing to more data plans thinking their current ones were depleted.

However, according to reliable sources, it is said that the two apps were to spend two full hours while off. The reason for this has not been effectively communicated from the management, but it is widely believed that the servers for these apps got severe issues.

Thus, leaving millions and millions of users in Africa, Asia and other places locked out. Those that run their businesses from the two apps also have faced a huge challenge to cope up with. However, this is not the first time this is happening, that is why people resorted to use of more available messaging apps like Telegram.


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