What Next for Mukono After Presidential Polls?

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Mukono District has for long been a hub for bad politics. Opposition taking almost all the
constituencies in the recently concluded presidential polls and the struggle for parliamentary
seats, we all wondered what next for Mukono district after polls.

In the 2006, presidential polls, Mukono district largely cast their vote for Presidential elect Gen.
Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni but things took a drastic turn since then because of
various reasons that included effective service delivery. Betty Nambooze, the MP for Mukono
Municipality has been in the center of these polls since her defection from DP [Democratic

When the people power movement came up, it surely shook up the district having most people
defect to the movement till it became a fully-fledged party. Political Analysts all spelt doom for
the party after the 2021 polls but to their surprise it managed to bag 55 parliamentary seats.

Violence was awash the Mukono politics as Minister Ronald Kibuule who refused to accept
defeat decided to rig votes forcefully which led to the loss of 14 people.

Ballot boxes from Mukono North constituency arrived unlocked which showed the onlookers at the district electoral commission that they had been tampered with. Gunshots, fights and scuffles were the
order of the day.

The NUP representatives and other opposition members fought so hard braving the fights,
jeers and chaos from polling agents. The District Police Commander of Mukono had to use the power vested in him to see that Mukono district results were produced exactly as they way and let the people jubilate in peace.

After a lot of resistance from the presiding officer the declaration forms were produced on gunpoint and read to the seemingly cheerful crowd at about 7pm of the 16th 2 days after the conclusion of the presidential elections.

Mukono constituencies join other regions and constituencies in the central region that overwhelmingly voted for NUP’s Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert. The question that lingers is what next for Mukono district?


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