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What are the Benefits of an Outgoing Vice President of Uganda?

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Well, servicing in the government of Uganda has never been a luxury but a total commitment by those that are designated to serve. Even if it is a position of a Chairman LC1, it is an uphill task one will ever take on his/her head for that term. Here are the exclusive benefits of an outgoing Vice President of Uganda.

First things first, who is a country’s Vice President of a country? and what are his roles? Well, a vice president is that who is next to the president and he is supposed to do the presidential roles when the president can not do them. Also, is an officer in government or business who is below a president.

For Uganda, when a vice president is retiring from his roles, he is entitled to quiet a huge package which he/she is entitled to enjoy until death. Looking at an example of Edward Ssekandi who served in the NRM government as Vice President since 24th May 2011, he is having huge things waiting him.

The retirement benefits of a Vice President of Uganda include; A monthly pension equivalent to 60% of the VP’s gross salary. This is paid to them every month. Then, they are entitled to having a house purchase fund equivalent to 15,000 currency points, (UGX 300 million).

On the same note, the outgoing or retiring Vice President of Uganda is also entitled to have Two (2) government paid security guards. Those are the very major retirement benefits an Ex Vice President pf Uganda bags.


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