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Weasel Manizo involves himself again in a public altercation

Weasel Manizo real name Douglas Mayanja a famous Goodlyf crew member after making wonders by cutting off his hair this year , he didn’t leave any of his characters in the old years as many portrayed. This is proved by the video of him engaging in a physical interaction with a man who is said to be his friend moments after his performance at one of Kampala’s hangouts last night . As Weasel is known for causing chaos in bars or hangouts after his performances, this has not has not been a surprise to revelers.

The singer has been counted for many cases over beating others in the past years including beating his baby mama Sandra Teta last year a thing that cut across the country. Even when all is so, Weasel Manizo is not willing to drop his acts of domestic violence both on women and fellow men. In many cases he has been apologizing to those he beats a thing that made people think that maybe he will one day change but the act of violence is rather growing in him every now and then.

In the video, Weasel Manizo is seen beating a friend without any one saying a word . This leaves a question in everyone’s mind on whether these people that always surround him when beating others are his gang or they just fear attacking him because in all ways he has no mandate hurting others intentionally. And being an artiste does not grant him beating up others whenever he feels like.

However besides his violence acts, he is also known of releasing hits Bomb Clat his first single featuring with Jose Chameleon under Leone Island, Nakudata, Selector, Radio Man, Nyo Nyo, Shoot Me Down and more.

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