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Weasel Manizo Beats Wife Sandra Teta to Near Death

Goodlyf singer Weasel Manizo has resurfaced back in the news after he mercilessly beat up his baby mama. According to reliable sources, Weasel has been reported to have over time assaulted his baby mama Sandra Teta.

Close sources near the remaining singing half of Goodlyf crew have affirmed to us that, the singer has turned his wife into a punching bag. Reports have it that whenever Weasel takes drugs and alcohol, he gets into hostile mode and it is Teta that faces the consequences.

It’s however alleged that last week the singer beat up his wife to the extent that she lost her consciousness. Meanwhile, today, Weasel Manizo is said to have beaten up Sandra Teta to pulp something that has bothered Netizens to record and report him.

It is further being learnt that, the cause of Teta’s beatings is triggered by the fact that she return back home very late. This is because she hosts night clubs’ theme nights, a job that Weasel is not comfortable with at the moment.

sandra teta
Sandra Teta with a swollen face after Weasel’s beating

However, sources close to Teta Sandra also indicate that, Weasel became a public nuisance and stopped providing for his family. Thus Teta to also start hustling like a single mother to make ends met for her two children with Weasel.

Weasel no longer provides anything at home, all he knows is drinking alcohol and abuse drugs and that is all. What could Teta do?” a close source revealed to our Times Cop.


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