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Weasel Brands NUP EC Vetting Team ‘Jokers’

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The remaining singing half of the Good Lyf crew and young brother to Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone, Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo has lashed out the People Power/ NUP (National Unity Platform) electoral and vetting committee for dropping out his elder Brother.

Joseph Mayanja is a catholic and has less international exposure than Latif Ssebagala. NUP vetting committee. A very big joke” Weasel Manizo Posted. Insinuating that there is segregation in NUP and it is because Chameleone is a Catholic that he was dumped.

Vetting sheet NUP for Lord Mayor
The alleged vetting sheet for Jose Chameleone

Weasel Manizo whose musical career went to the dogs after the demise of his singing pattern Mowzey Radio in 2018 has failed to make a significant musical return despite several attempts strategies employed.


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These remarks however have attracted various reactions from either camps and sparked a verbal war amongst the fans and supporters. With most of whom sarcastically mocking Weasel advising him to concentrate on his musical career.

However, on contrary, singer Jose Chameleone and Kampala city mayor aspirant has spoken out and
cautioned NUP principle Bobi Wine against dealing with Latif Ssebagala asserting that Latif is one of the
‘greedy’ officers and moles in ‘NUP’.

Weasel Manizo (Courtesy Photo)


He is a singer, brother to singer Jose Chameleone and the remaining half of the famous Goodlyf label. After Radio Mowzey died, Weasel started to struggle musically despite releasing many projects.

He stays in Makindye, Kizungu and his residence is called Neverland which he co owns with the late Radio Mowzey. His singles include Tokyayitaba, Wiggle Wiggle and many more.

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