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We need the Kinyankore spirit in our music industry- Spice Diana

Local songstress Hajarah Namukwaya alias Spice Diana has come out to hail the Banyankore. This is after they thronged singer Ray G’s concert in plenty a number of days ago. Speaking about the performance, the singer who was one of the performers said that it was great to see the massive turn up.

And the Siri Regular singer owed this to the fact that Ray G is from the western part of the country. People from the region therefore felt a sense of belonging and decided to come support him. For Spice Diana this was big for a regional artist and other artistes should be shown the same love by fans.

“The turn up was great and it was a big milestone for him. Of course he’s always been a big artiste but it’s not like he sings in a language understood by many. Most of the people who came to support him are from the west and it was so great to see them come in huge numbers to show him love. If all fans had the same spirit as the Banyankore because they love their own so much and this is good for the industry,” she said.

Further Spice Diana said that it’s the same with Nigerians. These also support their own musicians so much and it’s the reason their music industry has developed a lot. For some fans in Kampala, the singer said that these have ‘kamanyiro.’  They don’t want to accord celebrities the respect they deserve and want to think they are on the same level as them.

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