We Have to Protect Football – Eng Moses Magogo

The Uganda Youth Football Association held the annual General Meeting and a lot was discussed to develop football from the grassroots. The President of Federation Of Uganda Football Associations FUFA Engineer Moses Magogo, explained key points to protect the beautiful game of football, and what can be done to be the best footballing country in Africa.

Academies should register with Uganda Youth Football Associations, and those which are not registered, will not be allowed to leave the country to play any tournament. Players will sign an amateur contract with the academy, so that if time reaches for a player to join any senior club, the academy will get some compensation” Eng. Moses Magogo chirped. He even hinted on the players’ data.

Players data will be recorded to avoid age cheating and this will help us to get a clear follow up of players. I believe if we do this, our game is well protected” He added. Later, Engineer Moses Magogo warned not to create many academies in the country in order to produce quality players in future.


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We have over one thousand academies in Uganda, but if we are to have the increased number of young children playing organized and quality football, we have to be with fewer academies not one person owning four or more academies” Advised Eng. Moses Magogo. On the same note, he also advised school owners, to register their schools as an academy if are to benefit in their young talents and to compete outside the country.

In five to seven years, we are going to be the number one footballing country in Africa, off and on the pitch if we do the right things. It is our game, it is our country” FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo Concluded. His say was welcomed with a huge applause meaning that the game fraternity is ready to fall behind his back.

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